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Ending relationships

Help when you need to end a relationship and protect your long-term interests.


Divorce and Dissolution

Breaking up is never easy and it is a reality that 42% of marriages and civil partnerships will end in divorce. While the legal process is reasonably straightforward and online, the emotional and financial impact can be considerable. Even if your separation is amicable, independent legal advice will help ensure the process is a fair one.


Separation and Cohabitees

There is no such thing as a ‘common law spouse’ in English law and cohabiting couples have no legal status as such.  The end of a relationship can present serious difficulties for one or both parties if there is a property, shared assets or children involved.  You do not have to go through any formal legal process to dissolve the relationship when you and your partner break up.

However, a separation or settlement agreement can make it easier for both of you to understand what has been agreed. If agreement cannot be reached about any jointly owned property, we can advise you on the options available to you and the relevant legal process.


Child Arrangements

Every parent wants the best for their children but keeping focused on this can be difficult in the middle of a divorce or separation. It is always best if you can work together to make decisions when it comes to agreeing child arrangements. We can help you resolve differences and reach an agreement which is in the children’s best interests.  If a legal process is necessary, then we will help you navigate this and achieve the best outcome to meet your objectives. 


Financial Settlements

The emotional turmoil of divorce or separation may mean you have worries about whether you can keep your home and how much money you and your children will have to live on. You may also be confused or unclear about what assets there are and how to divide them.  Getting professional advice will help you reach a fair financial agreement on your assets and help prevent problems in the future.


International Divorce and Child Arrangements

With more foreign travel, work and residence abroad, families are more international than ever before, which can add an extra layer of complication to a separation. It may be that you have married a foreign national or are a couple who are foreign nationals that have settled in the UK. When these international arrangements break down, you need specialist advice about how to proceed. This is particularly with regard to whether the English Courts have jurisdiction to deal with your matter and where you can enforce your agreement or order. 

If there are children, the child’s home country could become an issue and protective measures may be required. When it comes to abduction and relocating abroad with children – we will deal with your case quickly and as sensitively as possible. Above all, we aim to put the child’s needs first.


Domestic Abuse

We know that domestic abuse affects all people whatever their age, background or gender and that abuse takes many forms: physical, mental and financial. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, we will take urgent action to protect you and your children. We will explain all the available safeguarding options including occupation orders, non-molestation orders and prohibited steps orders.


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