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About Fiona Lyon

"Helping an individual to secure their future for themselves and their children is at the heart of everything I do”.

As a Solicitor and Mediator, Fiona is kind, caring and sharp. Fiona is compassionate and committed to securing client focussed outcomes for all her clients. Fiona helps families separate constructively, commercially and amicably where possible and takes pride in settling her cases early and out of Court.  Fiona also has a proven track record as a litigator when circumstances dictate. Fiona is proactive in meeting a client’s objectives while being mindful of costs. Fiona is praised for providing excellent client service and being there when you need her.

Fiona qualified in 2008 and has many years experience in family law and specialises in complex financial settlements and private children matters, often with an international element. Fiona has a strong reputation in the resolution of relationship breakdown from all types of families, including same-sex relationships and unmarried couples. Fiona is skilled in providing wealth protection advice, including on prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Fiona has considerable experience in high profile cases for high net worth individuals including city workers, entrepreneurs, financiers, sportspersons, pilots and international business people. She also acts for stay-at-home spouses or parents who may need help to secure their share of the matrimonial wealth.  Fiona has a strong reputation in her children matters and works tirelessly to achieve the objectives of her clients.

Fiona won the prestigious Resolution Resilience Award in October 2021, the first time this award has been given. She has also been nominated twice for “Commentator of the Year” at the Family Law Awards 2021 and 2022 for her webinar series – Family Law Live!

About Fiona Lyon

“Fiona is an excellent family lawyer. She will always look for a way forward which is non-contentious but will take on any unavoidable contest with steely determination. She has very good client skills and first-class judgment.” – Timothy Scott QC | 29 Bedford Row | London
“Fiona is a first-rate solicitor. She is well versed in Children Act cases as well as complex financial matters and frequently represents clients with international dimensions to their cases. Her strengths include being able to quickly identify the issues in a case and being able to see a path to achieving the best outcome for those she represents. Fiona’s rise to partnership reflects her client-focused expertise and skills in this niche area of law.” – Michael Glaser QC | Fourteen | London

About Fiona Lyon

"We instructed Fiona Lyon to handle our surrogacy parental order. Fiona was very knowledgeable about surrogacy and guided us through the application and full process. She made the end of our journey very smooth and easy. This was helpful considering the long process and how much we had been through up to this point. We cannot thank Fiona enough for her part in completing our surrogacy journey." - Trustpilot 2021
"Fiona Lyon at Antony Gold handled my divorce brilliantly. She was not only very understanding of my personal situation, but also through tough negotiation ensured I ended up with a financial settlement which far exceeded my expectations. My first lawyer wasn’t very proactive and things had stalled, and looked like they would drag on forever. Switching to Fiona meant things came to a resolution quickly, and we avoided hefty court costs. I would recommend her to anyone, especially when you need someone really in your corner." - Trustpilot 2021
"I sought the help of Fiona Lyon in a multinational, matrimonial finances matter. Fiona is not only astute, efficient and hard-working but is trustworthy, genuine and a kind lawyer. Qualities which one can rarely find combined and are particularly important in family matters. Especially so, the complicated ones! Fiona has a deep comprehension of the law, its procedure, its application and its technicalities. She put the effort into understanding our particular concerns and made sure she addressed them, breaking down complex legal matters in plain, accessible English. I would definitely recommend Fiona, and would come to her with my matters again." - Trustpilot 2021

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Tel: 020 7940 4060


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  • Fiona is a qualified Mediator.
  • Fiona has had articles published in Resolution magazine, The Daily Express, The Times, New Law Journal and the “onlydads” website.  Fiona also provides regular comments in the press on contemporary family law matters.
  • Fiona also hosts an award winning monthly webinar with 36 Group Chambers that attracts the top lawyers and barristers of the profession as guest speakers.
  • Fiona is a member of Resolution and was elected to the SW Committee in 2019.
  • Co-Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.
  • Member of the Diversity and Equality Committee.
  • Fiona volunteers for the National Centre for Domestic Violence.
  • Fiona also volunteers for Families Need Fathers advice clinic

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