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Anthony Gold Solicitors help people in many areas of their lives including legal issues related to their health, work, homes and businesses. Find the service you need in the categories below or try the search bar.


Housing and Property Disputes

Do you need help with housing and property problems and do you rent or have leasehold or freehold ownership?

Leasehold Services

Look here if you would like to take more control of your leasehold property.

Injury and Medical Claims

Have you or someone you know been injured in an accident or through medical treatment that has gone wrong?

Family and Relationships

Are you struggling with matters to do with family, friends and relationships?


Look here for help if you need help with comprehensive residential and commercial conveyancing services.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Plan how your assets should be managed, transferred or shared in the future.

Court of Protection

Help to manage the affairs of people who cannot make decisions for themselves or need support because they have lost mental capacity.

Employment & Trade Union

Help with employment disputes and settlement agreements and/or employment and industrial law services that we offer to trade unions and their members.

Civil Litigation

Look here for comprehensive legal representation for civil litigation matters.

Business Services

Need reliable legal support for your business? Our law firm offers comprehensive business services to help you navigate the complexities of corporate law.

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