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Dedicated to Your Legal Success

Anthony Gold Solicitors are a leading Law firm based in London. Our solicitors specialise in various areas of law and are experts in their fields of legal services. We are negotiators and litigators, committed to doing whatever is best for our clients.



Appointment of a professional executor in your Will


Purpose-Built Student Accommodation providers and HMO licensing

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We Help You Plan

You can reduce risk and avoid future problems by getting legal advice early on.


We Help You Reach Agreement

You don’t always have to go through the courts to reach agreement.


We Fight Your Corner

We’re successful negotiators because we are powerful litigators who will represent you in court if need be.


We’re Clear On Costs

We are always clear and upfront about our costs related to legal services, so you know what to expect and won’t get any nasty surprises.

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Our Services

Anthony Gold Solicitors help people in many areas of their lives including legal issues related to their health, work, homes and businesses. Find the service you need in the categories below or try the search bar. 


Housing and Property Disputes

Do you need help with housing and property problems and do you rent or have leasehold or freehold ownership?

Leasehold Services

Look here if you would like to take more control of your leasehold property.

Injury and Medical Claims

Have you or someone you know been injured in an accident or through medical treatment that has gone wrong?

Family and Relationships

Are you struggling with matters to do with family, friends and relationships?


Look here for help if you need help with comprehensive residential and commercial conveyancing services.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Plan how your assets should be managed, transferred or shared in the future.

Court of Protection

Help to manage the affairs of people who cannot make decisions for themselves or need support because they have lost mental capacity.

Employment & Trade Union

Help with employment disputes and settlement agreements and/or employment and industrial law services that we offer to trade unions and their members.

Civil Litigation

Look here for comprehensive legal representation for civil litigation matters.

Business Services

Need reliable legal support for your business? Our law firm offers comprehensive business services to help you navigate the complexities of corporate law.

FAQs About Anthony Gold Solicitors

What makes us different from other law firms?

Our lawyers will give you peace of mind by making sure your transaction goes smoothly or by helping you plan for the future. Whether you are buying or selling property, getting your business organised, starting out on a new life with someone or thinking about what happens at the end of life, we can help you get it right.

By coming to us, you won’t just get a document or contract, but a personal service tailored to your needs. Our specialist solicitors will discuss your requirements with you and advise you on the best way forward.

What if you don’t want to go to court?

You don’t always have to go through the courts to reach agreement. There are various methods that you can choose from to reach agreement externally. These methods include:

1. Mediation

2. Collaborative Practice

3. Arbitration

4. Negotiation

Our highly skilled team of mediators, solicitors and arbitrators will help you find a negotiated settlement while giving you advice and guidance throughout the process.

What if you need to take your case to court?

We have solicitors who are experts in bringing cases to court where there is no alternative.  These litigators will be able to advise you on the best course of action and the likely outcome and help you decide how to fund your case.  They will vigorously fight your corner and, where suitable, will aim to settle your case before it comes to court.  You can be sure you will be in safe hands.

Taking a case to court can be stressful and expensive so it is important you get legal advice about your chances of success and whether there are alternatives.  Unless your issue is urgent, such as being in danger of losing your home, your children or your job, the court will expect you to have tried to settle your dispute before taking legal action.

This is because there are strict time limits for bringing cases to court, as well as a number of rules and procedures you have to follow. Your case may not get off the ground or you may be penalised if you haven’t adhered to these properly.

How much do our legal services cost?

We care about getting the right outcome for you and we’ll always work to find an affordable solution, whatever your circumstances.

Sometimes there is no alternative to using a lawyer, but fear about how much it will cost or whether it is even affordable puts many people off. Once our solicitors understand your case and what you want to achieve they will advise you on the best way to pay for it.

You may be able to get legal aid, or we can sometimes offer you a ‘no win-no fee’ agreement.  If neither of these options is available we will always give you an up-front fee estimate and in some cases a fixed fee.  We will ensure that you are always kept up to date with work on your case and informed and consulted immediately about any unexpected costs.

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