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Commercial Property

Experts in Commercial Property Law


Anthony Gold provides commercial property lawyers in London to help fulfil any agreements or disputes within commercial property. Agreements or disagreements include two or more parties, for example, landlords and tenants who want to sign an agreement or seek resolution. Our expert commercial property solicitors help guide you through the process and reach a solution that suits both parties.  

Our property law solicitors in London help individuals in completing commercial property transactions smoothly and efficiently.

Before agreeing to commit to a new commercial lease, it is important for both Landlord and Tenant to have specialist, professional advice from an experienced commercial property solicitor to ensure that the lease provisions accurately reflect the intentions of the parties agreed at the outset, and to ensure that the lease does not contain any clauses that might have unexpected adverse implications.


A commercial property licence agreement is an agreement between the property owner and the occupier (or “Licensor” and “Licensee”) which offers the occupier the right to use the premises in a business capacity. Due to the complexities of this area of law, you are strongly advised to consult a specialist commercial property lawyer at Anthony Gold before entering into a licence arrangement.

Where you are looking to purchase any property in connection with your business such as an office, shop, factory or warehouse, our commercial property solicitors are on hand to assist with all the practical and technical requirements of property conveyancing, in a cost-effective and responsive manner.

Anthony Gold has acted for a large number of restaurant Tenants and Landlords in the SE1 and Streatham areas, and throughout the country in the hospitality industry over many years. Contact us if you want a reliable commercial solicitor for your pub, restaurant or hotel.


When it comes to commercial property development, acquisitions or disposals our expert team of London-based property solicitors and lawyers offers fast and high-quality service at a cost-effective price. We aim to help our clients without catching them out with unnecessary costs and services because our main priority is your satisfaction and the resolution of commercial property agreements in a fair manner.

Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant, the terms under which you own or lease your premises will have an impact on your bottom line, so it’s crucial to get good and accurate advice. Our commercial property solicitors offer expert commercial advice for landlords and tenants across a whole range of commercial property matters.


Commercial Property Solicitors for any Issue


Getting planning permission can be something of a long and winding road. Whatever the size of your project, to avoid it also becoming a headache you will need an expert legal team on your side to provide planning advice every step of the way.

Not all commercial property will be bought and sold through agents. Tenders and auctions, for example, can generate more interest in a sale (or mean you get a bargain) and result in a much quicker transaction.

Whether your property development is a small or large scale you will need property solicitors with specialist know-how to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Our team of solicitors doesn’t just provide sound legal advice, their years of experience mean they can tailor the service to your particular objectives.


Why choose Anthony Golds’ Commercial Property Solicitors?


Our specialised team of commercial property solicitors also has years of expertise covering mortgage debentures and securities. Commercial borrowers and lenders need expert legal advice to ensure any financial transactions run smoothly and don’t jeopardize the operation of their business. Our team of specialist solicitors can help, whether you are an individual director, a partnership, or a large corporate.


Frequently Asked Questions


What classes as a commercial property?


A commercial property issue classes as any building or property that makes money, this could include a landlord with a rental property, a commercial business or an office building.


What are some examples of commercial property agreements?


Commercial property agreements can include the sale or purchase of a property, such as a rented house or flat. We also provide expert advice for landlords, tenants, established businesses and private investors.


Another example of a commercial property agreement could be issues involving planning permission and property development. Take a look at our range of commercial property services to the right of this page.

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