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Claims Against Trusts & Estates

Help when you have been left out or unfairly treated.

Bereavement is difficult, but it is even more stressful when you have cause to contest the will left by the deceased (or whether they even left one at all). You do not normally want to start Court proceedings but when there is no choice, we can help.

A trustee is anyone who is responsible for someone else’s property or money. The trustee is duty bound to act for the good of the beneficiary of the trust. Sadly, it doesn’t always happen that way and some trusts are mismanaged.

When losses caused by trustees occur we can act for individuals, organisations and the Official Solicitor to recover mismanaged trust funds.

Suppose you are unhappy with how a trustee or personal representative is managing a trust or administering an estate. In that case, you are entitled to apply to court to seek the removal of the trustee or executor and the appointment of a replacement.

We know the law and have a lot of experience applying it to all sorts of cases.  We are approachable and friendly – we understand that litigation in these circumstances is extremely stressful, and we work with you to achieve the best result.

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