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Help with employment disputes and settlement agreements.



Our employment law in London provides excellent services for those who are experiencing disputes within the workplace. Employment disputes are always draining, with livelihoods, reputations, careers and money all at stake. Our clients include employers and employees, with the best employment lawyer in London you get peace of mind that our highly experienced lawyers will deal with your case in a professional manner. The same law applies to you regardless of which side you are on. The vital aim for both is to resolve the situation satisfactorily and quickly as possible.


What is Employment Dispute Resolution?


Dispute resolution is the act of resolving a dispute between two separate parties. Employment dispute resolution is a disagreement made officially between the employer and the employee. This can involve either a complaint toward the employer or relating to the employer’s rights, which can then result in hiring a law specialist. 

At Anthony Gold, our specialist employment lawyers in London aim to resolve your dispute to achieve outcomes that meet the requirements of our clients. We also try to avoid taking the dispute to court and involving higher legal fees.


How do we Deal with Employment Disputes?


When it comes to unfair or wrongful dismissal, as an experienced employment law firm in London, we understand that costs are a vital consideration when deciding whether to start Employment Tribunal proceedings. We pride ourselves on being open about costs, and flexible about funding arrangements. The purpose of the next page is to outline the steps usually involved in a claim for unfair (including wrongful) dismissal and give an indication of the costs involved.

Often when a contract of employment is going to end, the parties simply want to walk away from each other and start afresh.  Employers will often offer to leave employees an enhanced package to leave the company in exchange for the employee promising that they will not make a claim against the company.  This arrangement is formalised in a settlement agreement and you are required to seek independent advice to make these agreements legally valid.


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