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Medical claims

Help when medical treatment has left you injured and in need of financial compensation and support.


Proud winners of “Clinical Negligence Team of the Year” Award


The medical claims team here at Anthony Gold is delighted to have won “Clinical Negligence Team of the Year” for the second consecutive year at the 2023 PI Awards. When you have suffered as a result of surgery that has gone wrong you need a solicitor who understands the medical environment it happened in. Our experience means that we have deep understanding of this most traumatic area. Among us are also medically trained professionals who have trained as solicitors.

Similarly, when it comes to non-surgical claims, we have represented many people who have suffered as a result of medical treatment that has gone wrong. Because of our experience we are well connected to other experts who form the team to build your claim.



When negligent care results in injury to a newborn the results can be life long and devastating for the family and child. We know that most families come to us more in sorrow than in anger when they approach us about a claim following a birth injury. We do everything we can to alleviate the stress of your situation and the legal process by doing our job brilliantly and being good for you.

We can assist with child health and paediatrics when negligent care results in injury to a child. We know the results can be devastating and sometimes life-long for the family and child and We have deep understanding of the needs that will have to be met for your child and how to build the compensation claim to fund those needs.

GP and Primary Care negligence takes a number of forms. When you have suffered as result of decisions taken by your GP or medical staff in Primary Care, we can run your compensation claim smoothly to take the stress out of an already stressful situation.

Finally, when you have suffered as a result of treatment you received from a private healthcare provider you need a solicitor who understands dealing with private health insurers. Our team of expert solicitors can maximise your compensation; run the process efficiently and smoothly and get interim payments agreed if possible.

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