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Starting relationships

Help when you are starting a relationship and want to plan sensibly to protect your long term interests


Prenuptial Agreement

The idea of having a prenuptial agreement might not sound terribly romantic, but with 42% of marriages ending in divorce it is becoming practical. Not just for the rich and famous, agreeing one before you tie the knot can be invaluable if your relationship does break down.


Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement

Similarly, nobody entering into a civil partnership wants to think about dissolution, but a pre-civil partnership agreement can be regarded as an insurance policy should the unfortunate happen.


Cohabitation or Living Together Agreement

Unlike marriages or civil partnerships, there is no recognition in English law for cohabiting couples, so it can get messy if a relationship ends. You can help insure against this by drawing up a cohabitation or living-together agreement.


Surrogacy Arrangements

At Anthony Gold, we take a sensitive approach to intended parents (IPs) wishing to start a family in this way and can provide advice on both domestic and international surrogacy arrangements.

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