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Complaints about our Family Mediation Service


We are committed to providing a high-quality mediation service. When something goes wrong we want you to let us know – please feel free to contact us by telephone or by email if you want to discuss any aspect of our service.

We follow the complaints process set out by the mediator’s overall governing body, the Family Mediation Council (FMC).   Our complaints policy, covering these terms are as follows:

– a client, a former client or a qualifying third party may make a complaint that relates to breaches of the FMC’s Codes of Practice or Standards Framework that occurred within the last three months. For avoidance of doubt, complaints that relate to the way a mediation was conducted as a whole, the date the three months runs from is the last mediation session. Complaints that appear to be vexatious or of a purely personal nature do not have to be investigated.   Both documents can be found here.

– all complaints will be acknowledged within 10 working days of receipt and will be investigated and responded to within 30 working days of receipt. If there are any exceptional reasons to extend this time, such as the absence of the mediator concerned, then we may specify that further time may be required.  We shall ensure that we would notify you of this in writing.

– There may be occasion when the complaint can be dealt with by the mediator directly connected with your matter.  Otherwise, it will be dealt with by our Head of Department, Kim Beatson.  If your mediator is Kim Beatson, then she will refer this matter to David Emmerson.

– If matters do not resolve at that point, we would discuss the possibility of taking this issue to mediation, if both you and the mediator wish this to proceed.

– If the responses from these routes are not accepted, then in certain circumstances, you can appeal to the Family Mediation Standards Board, run by FMC, providing certain criteria are met. The criteria are as follows, with more detail here.

If a complainant is not satisfied with the mediator’s response, they may make a complaint to the FMSB if:

– the mediator complained about is an FMC Registered mediator; and

– they are a client or former client or the FMC Registered Mediator, they are an FMC Registered Mediator themselves, or the FMSB determines they are a qualifying third party; and

– the mediator’s complaints process has been exhausted within the last three months and

– the complaint alleges breach of the FMC professional standards (e.g. Code of Practice, PPC Code of Practice, FMC Standards Framework); and

– the mediator’s own complaints process has been exhausted or is otherwise not engaging with the complaint.

Using our complaints process does not prejudice your right to apply to the courts for civil redress. What we hope to achieve is an outcome to the complaint that we all feel is constructive and proportionate, and to avoid any unnecessary escalation of problems.

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