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About David Marshall

"Having run the business for more than twenty years, I’m pleased that the firm has grown while sticking to its principles. We still use the law on behalf of ordinary people."

David Marshall is the managing partner of Anthony Gold, who combines his leadership role with his passion of helping clients in complex cases. Since David became managing partner in 1997, the firm has grown organically and through strategic takeovers of smaller practices.

David is a highly experienced solicitor and an expert at handling high value complex brain and psychiatric injury cases. He also represents clients in commercial matters as well as employment law cases involving stress at work.

David is ranked as a “leading individual” by his peers in the profession. His sharp mind benefits both the firm he manages and the clients he represents because he can bring the same forensic eye for detail and clear thinking to both.

A recent notable success was the matter of Stansfield v BBC  where David represented the claimant, Jem Stansfield. After a trial to assess damages over 10 days in May and June 2021, Mrs Justice Yip assessed damages, after the one-third deduction, at £1,617,286.20.

Having run the business for many years David is particularly aware of the impact of costs on people’s lives. He has been a champion of alternative funding solutions, including conditional fee agreements, aiming to help ordinary people to gain access to the law despite increasing withdrawal of state support.

David develops his own thinking and approach, and the profession’s best practice, by membership of legal committees and authorship of books. He is, for example, a past chair of the Law Society’s Civil Justice Committee, he was appointed as an Assessor to Lord Justice Jackson as part of his wide-ranging review of the civil litigation costs system and remains General Editor of Jordan’s PI Law Practice and Precedents. He is regularly quoted in the press and features frequently on radio and television for his legal expertise.

David Marshall has been appointed by the Lord Chancellor as a solicitor member of the Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC).

David is recognised as a Hall of Fame Lawyer in The Legal 500 and is a ranked as an Eminent Practitioner in the Chambers and Partners directory.


About David Marshall

"I am committed to using the law for people of all kinds – giving individuals the equality of arms in their fight for justice."

David Marshall is one of the most highly regarded personal injury lawyers practising today.  He is also Anthony Gold’s managing partner.

Legal problems don’t come neatly packaged. Often documents and evidence arrive in disorganised, vast quantities and need to be sifted and analysed for the essential detail that will win a case. David has the ability to analyse quickly a complex problem – for example a catastrophic personal injury or a case of stress at work – and then identify the solution that will be most effective for the client. His casework is founded on his belief that personal injury victims are not charlatans but ordinary people doing ordinary things, who suffer because of someone else’s negligence.

His experience has taught him about the importance of preparation of evidence. His motto is that you need to ‘think trial from day one’. If you prepare with that possibility in mind, you will build the evidence and arguments needed to win a claim – in or out of court.  It’s pragmatic and intelligent, backed up by a determination always to fight the client’s corner as hard as possible.

About David Marshall

“Running a business myself, as well as my experience of litigation, helps me head off problems and suggest solutions for business clients.”

David Marshall is an experienced and expert solicitor with a track record in commercial work that spans three decades. He focuses on transactions involving the establishment, running, buying and selling of owner-managed businesses. His experience of litigation helps him spot and deal with the loose drafting that is all too common in business contracts so as to head off future disputes, which all parties will wish to avoid.

His hands-on experience as the managing partner of Anthony Gold is invaluable. He is acutely aware of the commercial pressures on owner-managed businesses and the need for pragmatic, focussed business advice. He has bought businesses himself for Anthony Gold and so understands the client perspective in transactions. He recognises that owners of businesses often have different needs and motivations which can lead to complications if they are not recognised. The key to client protection is clear and legally effective documentation explaining the rights and responsibilities of all involved.

David handles partnership and shareholder agreements, investment, commercial contracts, employment issues and private company sale and purchase agreements. He also deals with partner and shareholder exits.

David’s approach offers rigorous due diligence, using legal skills and experience to avoid unnecessary disputes. It’s a pragmatic approach that also demands smart thinking. Ranked as a “leading individual” by his legal peers, there’s no doubt that David supplies these qualities.

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Tel: 020 7940 4060


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  • Past President of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)
  • Solicitor member of the Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC)
  • Member of Civil Justice Council’s Cost Committee
  • Chair of the Law Society’s Civil Justice Committee
  • Author of Compensation for Stress at Work
  • Author of APIL Guide to Costs and Funding
  • Co-author of Litigating Psychiatric Injury Claims
  • Contributor to APIL Clinical Negligence 2nd Edition
  • Edits Jordan’s Law Practice and Precedents
  • Co-edits Jordan’s Personal Injury bulletin
  • Comments regularly in the national media on matters relating to the law
  • Fan of Crystal Palace football club.

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