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Expert Residential Property Solicitors for Landlords in London

If you are a  residential landlord, navigating the complex landscape of property management can be a challenging endeavour. It is essential to adhere to both national and local standards and regulations, as failure to do so can lead to enforcement actions. 

At our firm, we understand the intricacies of residential property management, and our team of experienced residential property solicitors specialise in providing comprehensive legal guidance to landlords who are facing regulatory issues with the local authority or with tenants over maintenance and repairs.



Residential Conveyancing Solicitors in London


No landlord wants to have to evict a tenant. However, sometimes this is unavoidable if your tenant hasn’t paid the rent, is damaging your property or is engaged in anti-social behaviour. The eviction process is highly regulated and it’s important you get all the details in the paperwork right.  Failure to do so could prevent the court from granting
repossession order and lead to unnecessary costs and delays which is where we can help.


Comprehensive Legal Support for Landlords


Letting agents and property managers have to deal with increasing amounts of regulation and the consequences for making mistakes can be severe. We can advise you on changes in the law, and assist you if you are in a dispute with a landlord, tenants or the local authority. We can help you to keep your legal documents such as tenancy agreements and terms of business up to date and prepare bespoke contracts and agreements which meet the needs of your business.


How our expert solicitors can assist you


Regulatory Compliance


Our solicitors have extensive experience in assisting landlords who find themselves in disputes with the local authority. We help you navigate the complexities of local regulations and standards, ensuring that you are in full compliance.


Tenant Disputes


When disputes with tenants arise, particularly over maintenance and repairs, our team is here to provide guidance and representation. We are specialists in handling rent repayment orders and safeguarding your interests.


Eviction Assistance


While eviction is often the last resort, sometimes it becomes necessary due to unpaid rent, property damage, or anti-social behaviour. Our solicitors can guide you through the highly regulated eviction process, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is meticulously prepared. This attention to detail is crucial to secure a court-issued re-possession order without unnecessary costs or delays.


Support for Letting Agents and Property Managers


Property management professionals, including letting agents and property managers, face their own unique set of challenges. Our services extend to helping you navigate these complexities:


Legal Updates


The laws governing property management are subject to frequent changes. Our team is well equipped to advise you on any legal developments, ensuring that you remain compliant.


Dispute Resolution


Should disputes arise with landlords, tenants, or local authorities, our solicitors are ready to step in and represent your interests, minimising potential legal consequences.


Document Management


Keeping your legal documents, such as tenancy agreements and terms of business, up to date is essential. We can assist you in preparing bespoke contracts and agreements tailored to your specific business needs.


In the world of residential property management, staying on the right side of the law is paramount. Our team of expert solicitors is dedicated to helping landlords, letting agents, and property managers in London navigate the legal complexities with confidence. Contact us today for comprehensive legal support tailored to your unique needs in the residential property sector.


Residential property solicitor FAQs


What does a residential property solicitor do?


A residential property solicitor manages legal aspects of residential real estate transactions, offering guidance, drafting documents, resolving disputes, and ensuring compliance with property-related laws and regulations.


How much is a property solicitor in the UK?


Property solicitor fees in the UK vary based on location and case complexity, typically ranging from hundreds to over a thousand pounds. It’s advisable to obtain quotes and discuss fees with solicitors to align costs with your specific requirements. If you have any questions on the costs involved, feel free to contact Anthony Gold.


Do you need a solicitor to buy a property?


While not obligatory, it’s strongly advised to hire a residential solicitor when purchasing a property in the UK. They help navigate legal complexities, conduct property searches, review contracts, manage finances, and ensure legal compliance, safeguarding your interests in the process.

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