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About Timothy Waitt

“I am passionate about social justice and I work hard to get the best result for my clients.”

Timothy Waitt is a partner whose expertise lies in advising and representing people who have bought a defective new build property.  Chambers and Partners call him “amazing”, with “superb technical knowledge”, and “very fast and efficient”.

Timothy’s clients frequently seek advice after having tried to deal with developers and insurers (NHBC, Premier etc.) directly with little success.  He’s been successful in forcing opponents to pay many thousands of pounds of compensation to homeowners and in some cases buy back defective properties.  Timothy is well-known for holding developers to account for any mess they have created.

The issues faced by Timothy’s clients include leaks, missing and inadequate fire-protection, inadequate insulation, defective floors, mortar problems, risk of structural collapse, defective roofs and more.  He also has years of experience in advising on serious damp and mould problems, which often results from poor housing design.

Timothy has always had a deep interest in housing.  He believes that enjoying a safe and pleasant home is a fundamental human right.  From experience, he also knows that once his clients’ housing dispute is sorted, other areas of their life begin to improve.

Insurers will attempt to solve a defective new build matter as cheaply as possible, offering compensation which, in most cases, is vastly inadequate.  Therefore, Timothy will relentlessly pursue developers, landlords, and/or insurers for decent compensation, including an award for any mental health problems resulting from living in a defective property.

Outside of work, Timothy enjoys sailing, walking  Bella & Sparky the cats, and being a Dad.



Murphy v Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council pleaded guilty to criminal charges after failing to deal with condensation and mould in one of its flats. The court ordered it to pay £4,000 compensation to the tenant, Louise Murphy, and to carry out repairs to stop the problem from coming back.

Morally v Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council pleaded guilty to criminal charges and was fined £1,335 after mum Jennine Morally and her young son Malachi were left in a damp and mouldy flat for years.

X v Lambeth Council

A judge ruled that Lambeth Council had to eradicate an ant infestation. When they failed to act, Timothy converted the agreement into a court order, which demanded the Director of Housing attend court to explain why the council has not dealt with the problem.

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Tel: 020 7940 4060


  • Housing Law Practitioners Association.
  • Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates.
  • Society of Construction Law.
  • Contributor to the Housing Law Journal

  • Commentator on Housing Law developments and policy in Inside Housing

  • Cases have been reported in the Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph and the local press

  • He was Lawyer in the News in the Law Society Gazette following his successful prosecution of Lambeth Council

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