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Published On: January 8, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Court of Protection (COP) Conversations Podcast: Investing for vulnerable clients

We are delighted to announce that the third episode of our Court of Protection Conversations series is now live.

On Friday 8th January 2021, the “COP Conversations: Investing for vulnerable clients” podcast episode went live. Host, Partner and joint Head of Court of Protection, Alexandra Knipe was joined by guest speaker Ian MacKendrick. As a Specialist Chartered Financial Adviser and Grade A Expert Witness, Ian provides insight into how his firm, the Frenkel Topping Group, have specialised in delivering financial services for individuals who are vulnerable, or have been victims of personal injury or clinical negligence for over 30 years.

The episode sees Alexandra and Ian discuss topics surrounding investing for the future of vulnerable clients. The podcast offers advice on the  practical considerations for cash protection in the short-term, how to maximise income and budget setting, in addition to providing advice on how to explain investments to vulnerable clients and supporting them through the process.

Reflecting on the podcast, Ian said: “The aim is to make the financial lives of our clients’ as calm and straightforward as possible, they have enough going on in life already and I like them to be able to relax about their money being in safe and responsible hands, allowing them to focus their energy fulfilling their lives in other areas, rather than worrying about money.”

These conversations are vital to supporting and protecting the future of vulnerable clients as well as ensuring the financial future of clients are secure.

Commenting on the podcast , Knipe said:

Demystifying investments for our clients is key; as is working with an IFA who really understands the litigation process and the requirements of the Court of Protection. Ian is hugely insightful.

Don’t miss out on our COP Conversations. New episodes are released monthly on the first Friday of the month.

The “COP Conversations: Investing for Vulnerable Clients”  episode can be listened to here:


Alexandra Knipe

Joint Head of Court of Protection

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