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Business disagreements

Help when you need to solve problems that are affecting your business performance and peace of mind.

Many agreements aren’t documented clearly and break down for a variety of reasons: incompetence, negligence or simply failure to fulfil one side of the agreement. For contract disputes we can help you reach the most satisfactory outcome as quickly as possible for the least cost.

The consequences of someone not paying can be devastating to a business or an individual. It is important to recover the money as quickly as possible. We provide a cost-effective means of achieving debt recovery.

There are many reasons why building projects stall and go wrong. Whatever the reason the effect on you is stress. When it comes to building disputes, we take control on your behalf to achieve progress towards options that will put an end to the argument.

When it comes to director’s personal liabilities, we have considerable experience of defending directors from regulatory claims, misfeasance claims by liquidators, preferences and misappropriation.

Other business disagreements occur around employment. Our clients include employers and employees.  The same law applies to you regardless of which side you are on.  The vital aim for both is to resolve the situation satisfactorily and quickly as possible.

Sadly, many people and businesses can find themselves with debt owed by a firm that has become insolvent. In these circumstances it is sometimes possible to pursue a claim against directors personally.

Finally, we can also assist with civil and commercial mediation. Litigation can be a gruelling and painful experience. Mediation can provide a quicker and less stressful settlement. There are several good reasons to choose mediation over a court.

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