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Published On: June 2, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Triple Celebrations For Anthony Gold!

Anthony Gold has three reasons to celebrate this year. Not only has the firm reached its 60th year, but it has also implemented significant plans for succession by changing to an all-equity partnership model and is in the process of moving the majority of its staff to newly refurbished London Bridge offices.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the firm by Tony Gold. The organisation has grown consistently, organically and by acquisition, by specialising in diverse areas of the law. Based in London, it has a national reputation in areas such as social housing and personal injury law as well as a strong private arm, including highly regarded mediation and collaborative family law services.

The firm has thrived over six decades and, despite turbulent market changes, its reputation has grown deeper and broader while remaining true to its founding principles. The core beliefs of the firm are around doing what is right for its clients, challenging the law to get results and, wherever possible, helping those most vulnerable in their time of need.

With effect from 1 May 2023, the firm converted to an all-equity partnership. The nature of the firm’s business requires long-term capital investment by its owners. The primary aim of the change in partnership model is to ensure the firm’s future as an independent law firm. With capital investment and long-term commitment from partners, the firm hopes to maintain its unique culture and continue to provide excellent, specialist legal services to clients in the future.

Investment in a move to freshly refurbished offices is a response to hybrid-working, whilst supporting an ambitious business plan. Taking office space on the fifth floor of The Cottons Centre, a two-minute walk from London Bridge station on Tooley Street reflects the progressive culture of the firm and will create a great workplace environment for staff. The new office is bright and modern and features technology-enabled meeting rooms, hot desks alongside stations where teams can collaborate and a fantastic outside terrace area overlooking The Shard for staff to enjoy and contacts to be entertained.

The move, from 26 June 2023, allows the firm to merge its Elephant & Castle office – which specialises in social housing cases – with its existing London Bridge staff. The firm remains committed to housing work and will continue to be of service to local communities in and around south London. The firm also retains a high-street presence in Streatham, for predominantly private client services.

Managing Partner, David Marshall, said: “It is wonderful to be celebrating 60 years of the firm! In an uncertain time for many law firms, the vote of confidence by our partners in our core values and financial prospects is extremely welcome and secures the future independence of the firm. A platform for future growth is being built from exciting new office space, and I am very much looking forward to the next chapter.”

David Marshall

Managing Partner |Injury & Medical Claims |Commercial

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