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Published On: May 5, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

How to choose the right family solicitor for your case?

Selecting the right family solicitor for you is important because they will bring experience, tactical advice, negotiating skills and tailored strategies to your case. They will provide essential support during an emotionally challenging time and can help you achieve the best possible outcome to meet your objectives. Here’s how to choose the right family solicitor for your case:


What is the location of the family lawyer?

Since the pandemic, technology in the legal services space has progressed significantly. It is no longer necessary to meet your family law solicitor face to face (although you may still wish to) or even instruct someone in your locality or near your place of work. 

This is because most meetings (and even some hearings) can be done over video call and many documents no longer require ‘wet signatures’ and can be done electronically. This means that clients can really shop around, both locally and nationally, to find the right representative for you. 


What approach will the family solicitor take?

The approach taken by a family solicitor is going to be key to the strategy of your case. If a constructive approach is important to you, then a useful starting point is to check whether your solicitor is a member of ‘Resolution’. This organisation operates a code of practice to ensure family law issues such as divorce, child arrangements and/or financial settlements are resolved by solicitors in a non-confrontational manner. 


What does the family lawyer specialise in?

It is important to remember that family lawyers may have niche specialisms in a particular area such as child arrangements rather than just being a family law ‘generalist’. For example, they have a particular focus on financial settlement rather than child related cases, or international issues rather than domestic legal issues. 

One way you can ascertain if a particular issue is covered by a family law solicitor is to look at their profile on their firm’s website. You can also utilise social media and in particular, their ‘LinkedIn’ profile. 

A lot of family law solicitors will have other professional social media such as Twitter or Instagram which will also provide information on what sort of work that solicitor may do or any professional interests they may have. They may have written articles or books on a particular subject. 

Of course, the professional profile may not cover everything in the solicitor’s portfolio so if in doubt, send an inquiry or pick up the phone and ask. Any good family lawyer will be happy to oblige or even refer to you someone that can help with legal advice if they cannot. 


Is the family lawyer the right ‘fit’ for your case?

As with most professional relationships, ‘fit’ is going to be very important, particularly given the sensitive subject matter. It is often a question of speaking to the family law solicitor and most will offer an initial consultation so that you can meet and discuss your issues. This will help you ascertain whether you gel. 

You can also ask for a second opinion if you are not happy with your current solicitor. There will be no obligation to instruct the solicitor after that meeting if for whatever reason you do not wish to take it forward. At Anthony Gold LLP, we offer fixed-fee initial consultations and for more information please email Michelle Howarth at 


Would you be able to afford the services of the family lawyer?

Arguably the most fundamental point on your checklist should be funding for legal fees. You need to be as clear as you can be from the outset about what budget you have for legal fees. Do bear in mind most solicitors who work in private practice will charge hourly rates for the work they do on your file. 

As with other services, there will usually be a hierarchy with the most senior practitioners charging a higher hourly rate than the juniors. If you wish to instruct a junior solicitor they will usually be supervised by a senior solicitor, and it can be a cost-effective way to manage your case. 

The more complex your matter, the more likely it will be that a senior practitioner is required. There are different ways in which you can fund your case (I.e. litigation loans) or access funds, which you can discuss with your solicitor at your initial meeting.  

If you are entitled to legal aid to fund your matter, you should only target legal aid providers with your inquiries. Although, this is not always obvious on the firm’s website. ‘Find a Legal Aid Adviser’ is also a useful resource to search for legal aid practitioners by postcode. 


Would you prefer a family mediator over a family lawyer for your case?

If you require a mediator to seek legal advice, rather than or as well as a solicitor, a useful resource to locate a professional by postcode is the Family Mediation Council website. 


Are you looking for more legal advice on family law?

The family team at Anthony Gold LLP are happy to receive your family law inquiries by email to Michelle Howarth at or by telephone at 0207 940 4060. 

* Disclaimer: The information on the Anthony Gold website is for general information only and reflects the position at the date of publication. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be treated as such. It is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied.*

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