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Published On: October 16, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Child Relocation

Mr Justice Mostyn described these cases as “the hardest decision that a judge ever has to make in the field of family law …  The choices are starkly binary.  One or other parent will lose and will be disappointed.  There is no scope for finding some comfortable middle ground”.

Increasingly my work involves international couples and these marriages often have higher divorce rates due to cultural differences.  For that reason, applications to relocate overseas with children are frequently made and are often bitterly contested.

FORUM – Rethinking Relocation is a group of family justice professionals focused on internal and international relocation of a parent with children.  The group comprise specialist solicitors, barristers, mediators, arbitrators, family therapists and independent social workers.  We are committed to helping parents find a solution which avoids court proceedings.

FORUM members provide a comprehensive range of services from the moment that a parent considers relocating, to the implementation of any agreed arrangements or court orders.

Where parents are unable to reach agreement and court proceedings are necessary, FORUM members can refer parents seamlessly to solicitors and barristers within the group.  Our aim is to produce creative options which place children’s welfare at the centre of all discussions.

A recent case of mine involved the potential removal of a child from England to China.  Instead of issuing a court application, the parents attended mediation and were able to agree that the child should remain in England until secondary school age.  During that period she would spend all school holidays in China with both parents open to her attendance at an international school in China from secondary school age on wards.

Kim Beatson is a member of FORUM.  She regularly undertakes relocation work as a solicitor and as a mediator.  For more information about her practice please contact her on 020 7940 4000 or

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