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Published On: November 30, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Walking on broken glass

On Wednesday 22 November 2017 a dedicated team of Anthony Gold volunteers (Sana Bibi, Alex Giles, Aveel John, Elaine O’Connor, Laura Christodoulou, Sophie Bullimore, Natasha Barham and Tom Dickinson) took part in yet another fundraising challenge for Headway East London. Following last year’s success of hot stepping across fire, and in true survival spirit, it was time for the next challenge…walking barefoot across 4m of broken glass!

Our glass walkers braved the sharp edges of broken glass to raise much needed funds for those much braver than us all – those affected by acquired brain injuries who conquer their own challenges daily. Headway East London currently provides specialist and personalised support and services for over 200 survivors, their family, friends and carers in the local area each week, and is a charity we have supported closely for many years.

The nerves were building on the day, with people asking whether we would get shards of glass stuck in our feet or whether a visit to A & E would be on the cards. However after a brilliant training session at Holborn Studios to build our confidence and conquer our fears, followed by a very enjoyable team building warm up of funky dance moves, games of ping-pong, and even learning how to break a wooden board with our bare hands, our confidence was high and it was time to walk over the broken glass. The sound of glass breaking under our feet rang loudly but no one faltered, everyone making it to the finish line without an injury in sight!

We are pleased to say that we have raised almost £2,000, which is the cost of an annual membership at Headway East London. Many thanks to all those who have generously donated.  If anyone would still like to donate, please visit the following link:

Our special thanks to our expert trainer Steve at Holborn Studios for keeping us all out of harm’s way and to Rosy of Headway East London for organising the event. A special thanks also goes out to Amy Wedgwood at Anthony Gold for encouraging us all to be a part of this unforgettable night and to conquer our fears.

We nervously await what’s in store for us all next year!

Glass Walking Headway ELGlass Walking Sana Bibi

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