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Published On: February 24, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Leasehold ownership: Key issues overview

This week at Anthony Gold is Leasehold Made Simple week, the aim of the week is to provide leaseholders with a deeper understanding into all things leasehold. Leasehold experts Ian Mitchell and Lauren McKie will be answering questions and bringing to light common issues leaseholders face.

Across the week the team will be discussing a wide range of niche topics surrounding leasehold, this is how the week is structured:

Monday – Overview of leasehold

Tuesday – The ground rent scandal!

Wednesday – The leaseholder’s dilemma – when to extend a lease

Thursday – How to undertake a successful enfranchisement campaign

Friday – Leasehold reform and the future of leasehold.

In today’s video Ian Mitchell, Partner at Anthony Gold, gives an overview of the key issues leaseholders currently face, the Law Commissions proposed changes to the sector and the governments involvement in the implementation process.


Tune into Anthony Gold all this week for our video series which explores the world of leasehold property.  We will be releasing a new video each morning as the series builds throughout the week.

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