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Published On: December 22, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Housing Trust hit by court action

“Not a victim of her own misfortune” – His Honour Judge Saggerson makes it clear that racism must not be tolerated by London and Quadrant when handing down judgment in Tia Jones v London and Quadrant Housing Trust (Central London County Court, 14 December 2020).

The court awarded Ms Jones £31,000 as a result of the wrongdoing of London and Quadrant’s Lettings Officer which has left Ms Jones homeless. Throughout the three-day trial, the Judge was adamant that racism should not be tolerated and questioned the defendant’s professional assessment in requiring the claimant to “put up with it”.

London and Quadrant’s Lettings Officer gave misinformation to Ms Jones on a mutual exchange when responding to the claimant’s questioning as to whether there had been any anti-social behaviour at the property. On being reassured there were none, Ms Jones entered into a tenancy with the defendant, only to find the neighbour and his family are racists. Despite, securing a criminal conviction for the racism, and the police recommending safeguarding measures, the Trust are of the view Ms Jones can return to her tenancy.

The Judge however, disagreed that the claimant should be expected to continue in occupation pending the availability of an alternative housing option, and expressed disappointment “at the lack of initiative and imagination” of experienced Housing Officers in the way they assessed the claimant’s case.

Commenting on the judgement Debra Wilson, Partner at Anthony Gold Solicitors who acted for the tenant, said:

“London and Quadrant retain the means to think creatively to resolve matters for Ms Jones. I call upon the Chief Executive to respond and carry out an inquiry into what is an egregious assessment of a case, as there will be no end to Ms Jones’s homelessness”

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