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Published On: May 2, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Giles Peaker shortlisted in the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards 2018

After reading over 800 pages of nominations, the LALY judges met in London earlier this week to make their selections for the 2018 awards. There are 12 LALY award categories in total including Children’s Rights, Criminal Defence, Family Legal Aid, and, new for 2018, Practice Management.

Carol Storer, director at Legal Aid Practitioners Group(LAPG) adds: ‘The LALYs are known for celebrating those lawyers whose skills and commitment directly transform the lives of so many vulnerable people – and rightly so. However, this year, we also wanted to recognise those practice managers who do vital work behind the scenes so firms and agencies can stay afloat and keep providing a service to clients, and whose contribution is rarely publicly acknowledged. As one nomination said, “practice managers do not get cards or flowers from clients at the end of each success”.’

The winners will be announced by Baroness Doreen Lawrence OBE at a ceremony in central London on 17 July. The LALYs are organised by the Legal Aid Practitioners Group, and are into their 16th year.

Full list of finalists

1. Children’s Rights – Sponsored by Anthony Gold

 Alex Rook                                          Irwin Mitchell LLP
Dan Rosenberg                                Simpson Millar LLP
Silvia Nicolaou Garcia                     Simpson Millar LLP

2. Criminal Defence – Sponsored by DG Legal

Aika Stephenson                             Just for Kids Law
Paris Theodorou                              Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
Helen White                                      Howells Solicitors

3. Family including Mediation – Sponsored by Resolution

Tony McGovern                               Creighton & Partners
Lesley Monkhouse                          David Gray Solicitors LLP
Philip Wilkins                                    Hudgell & Partners Solicitors

4. Practice Manager – Sponsored by Accesspoint

Adam Makepeace                           Tuckers Solicitors LLP
Richard Prust                                   Watson Woodhouse Solicitors
Sally Thompson                               Luqmani Thompson & Partners

5. Housing – Sponsored by Garden Court Chambers

Kate Hignett                                      Henry Hyams Solicitors
Giles Peaker                                      Anthony Gold Solicitors
Miles Richardson                             Citizens Advice Southend

6. Legal Aid Barrister – Sponsored by The Bar Council 

Martha Cover                                    Coram Chambers
Alev Giz                                                1 Garden Court
James Stark                                        Garden Court North Chambers

7. Legal Aid Firm/Not for Profit Agency – Sponsored by The Law Society

 Barking & Dagenham Citizens Advice
Ealing Law Centre
Greater Manchester Law Centre

8. Legal Aid Newcomer – Sponsored by Friends of LALY18

Joanna Bennett                                Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
Lewis Kett                                          Duncan Lewis Solicitors
Catherine Oborne                           Garden Court Chambers
Ifeanyi Odogwu                              Garden Court Chambers

9. Public Law – Sponsored by Irwin Mitchell

Nancy Collins                                    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
Emma Norton                                   Liberty
Harriet Wistrich                               Birnberg Peirce

10. Social and Welfare – Sponsored by Tikit

Julie Cornes                                       Simpson Millar LLP
Sophie Freeman                               Coram Children’s Legal Centre
Caroline Hurst                                   Switalskis Solicitors

11. Access to Justice through IT

 CaseRatio                                            Tuckers Solicitors LLP
KIM                                                       The Jeanie Project
DIYLaw                                                 Law for Good

The judges will also be making an award for Outstanding Achievement. There is no shortlist for this award.

* Disclaimer: The information on the Anthony Gold website is for general information only and reflects the position at the date of publication. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be treated as such. It is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied.*


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