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Published On: June 17, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Capacity and Marriage | Blog Series

Here at Anthony Gold Solicitors, we are sadly seeing an increase in clients approaching us for advice because they have concerns that a relative or friend may be subject to a predatory marriage.

The test for capacity to enter a marriage contract does not require a high or complex level of understanding. It is also one that would, strictly speaking, be regarded as a health and welfare decision. However, the financial implications of marriage can be wide-reaching and complicated to overturn.

Where it is suspected that a vulnerable individual is being financially exploited by way of marriage it is important to act quickly to ensure adequate protection is implemented as soon as possible.

We have put together a series of blogs looking at the legal consequences of a predatory marriage and the preventative measures that can be implemented to protect a vulnerable individual from such a marriage. The blogs will be shared over the coming week:

Predatory marriages and Probate Claims

David Wedgwood looks at the impact of a voidable marriage on an individual’s estate and their testamentary wishes.

Does my Relative have Capacity to Marry and What can I do to Protect them?

Nicola Gunn sets out the legal test for marriage and looks at the Court of Protection’s approach to applying the test.

Capacity to Marry – the Legal Test

Alexandra Knipe looks at the recent case of  WU v BU (by her litigation friend, the Official Solicitor) [2021] EWCOP 54 where the High Court exercised its inherent jurisdiction to protect P and implemented a forced marriage Order.  

Marriage Caveats

Alice Collier looks at marriage caveats to prevent/stop a suspected predatory marriage.

Forced Marriage Protection Orders

Ffion Jones sets out how to apply to the Court for a Forced Marriage Protection Order.

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One thought on “Capacity and Marriage | Blog Series

  1. Very interesting – Perhaps unsurprisingly, in practice the level of capacity to marry is lower than many others, despite its consequences being far reaching and sometimes complex. This series discusses the protections that are available and possible remedies.

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