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This can be ‘no win, no fee’ or a price estimate where we forecast and manage your costs. We help you choose the best option.

CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement)

If you can’t get legal aid and you don’t have legal expenses insurance, we may be able to take your case under a ‘no win-no fee’ agreement.  Funding your case this way means you won’t have to pay our fees if you lose.

If your case is lost, we will not be paid for the work we have done and we may be able to obtain what’s called ‘after the event insurance’ for you to cover any risk of paying the opposing side’s fees and other costs.  The premium for any such insurance is not payable if the case is lost and so the vast majority of our clients pay nothing in these circumstances.

If we win your case, you may have to pay some fees and any insurance premium out of your compensation.  The maximum percentage of any such deduction will always be agreed and explained to you in advance.  We don’t always take the maximum – we assess what is reasonable based on the risks of the case and the amount of work done.

We are known for taking on cases other firms would back away from and we are known for maximising compensation.

Our solicitors are extremely experienced in funding cases this way and will make sure you understand exactly how it all works before you sign any agreement to proceed.

We’ll let you know what any deduction for our costs is likely to be, what you might have to pay for after-the-event insurance, the maximum overall percentage deduction and how much you could get in compensation at the outset, so you can make an informed choice about going forward.  No hidden extras, no pressure, just expert advice.

Price estimate

Ask anyone about lawyers and their first comment is likely to be that they are too expensive.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  We are always clear and up front about costs, so you know what to expect and won’t get any nasty surprises.

Sometimes there is no alternative to using a lawyer, but fear about how much it will cost or whether it is even affordable puts many people off.   Once our solicitors understand your case and what you want to achieve they will advise you of the best way to pay for it.

You may be able to get legal aid, or we can sometimes offer you a ‘no win-no fee’ agreement.  If neither of these options is available we will always give you an up-front fee estimate and in some cases a fixed fee.  We will ensure that you are always kept up to date with work on your case and informed and consulted immediately about any unexpected costs.

Because we care about getting the right outcome for you, we’ll always work to find an affordable solution, whatever your circumstances.

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