Concerns and complaints & Data protection leaflet

Concerns and complaints

  1. I hope I will work with you as a mediator in a manner that is satisfactory to you both and that assists you in reaching decisions for the future. I ask that any concern you may have as to my practice or the service provided by me is referred to me in the first instance. If I’m unable to resolve this with you directly or otherwise, my firm has a complaints procedure that starts with my head of department, Kim Beatson, and I will provide a copy of that to you. She will endeavour to respond within 14 days. If it does not prove possible to settle things using that procedure, you may then refer your complaint to the Family Mediation Standards Board (FMSB)


Data protection – important information for you

  1. Data protection protects the privacy of information about you and how it might be used, shared or stored.
  2. For the purpose of your mediation, I will keep any information that you provide to me securely and will not share it without your individual permission. However, I ask that, in the event of any complaint that is referred to FMSB or to any other regulator or relevant complaints handling organisation, that you agree (inclusive of your signatures to this Agreement) that I may release any information or your file to either or both for the purposes of resolving any complaint.

I ask that you also accept that this includes me retaining and storing information for as long as is necessary in connection with this Agreement and your mediation. I may also keep data for research and statistical purposes but on the understanding that if used any information or details about you have been removed so that you cannot be personally identified.