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It is a sad but true fact that, even in modern day Britain, a significant proportion of our population is living in a poor standard of housing.  This applies to private rented homes, as well as for council and housing association tenants, and is a particular problem in many areas of London.

Unfortunately, many new build properties are constructed with defects, due to cutting corners or ‘cowboy’ type activity.  Problems arise with shared ownership – a growing trend – and increasingly over-stretched councils often fail to meet the bare minimum of standards for their social housing tenants.

At Anthony Gold, we wholeheartedly believe that your home should be free from hazards which could cause you harm or make you ill.

The recent Grenfell tragedy brought into sharp focus just how crucial it is for us to protect and improve housing standards. 

Conditions in a home should meet minimum legal standards for health and safety as well as gas, fire and electrical safety but it may be unsafe if it has a leaking roof, mould growth, no hot water or a whole host of other problems.

We act for residents, flat owners and leaseholders and we campaign tirelessly to improve living conditions for all.  This is more than simply ‘what we do’; it is part of our ethos.

Andrew Brookes – Head of Housing Dept.

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