Everything you need to know about the sort of person we’re looking for.

  1. A Trainee Solicitor must hold (or be in a position to hold on commencing employment) the necessary academic and vocational qualifications required by the Law Society and to be admitted prior to commencing employment as a student member of the Law Society.
  2. A Trainee Solicitor will need
  3. 2.1   a good knowledge of the law including our key practice areas
  4. 2.2   a very high intellectual ability – including the ability to learn and to research
  5. 2.3   common sense – including the ability to make decisions and to advise clients on the course of action which is considered to be in the client’s best interest
  6. 2.4   to be able to communicate effectively with others face to face, on the telephone and in writing (dealing with a wide range of people including distressed people, people of all ages, business clients, other lawyers, people for whom English is not their first language and people with varied spoken language skills)
  7. 2.5   the ability to speak in public and, when necessary, to be willing to undertake advocacy in Courts and Tribunals at interlocutory hearings
  8. 2.6   the experience of and willingness to work for people of all kinds and to recognise that all people should be entitled to equal opportunities before the law
  9. 2.7   an interest in marketing and in developing the firm’s practice
  10. 2.8   demonstrable interest in our key practice areas including, where appropriate, the selection of these areas in studies, and particularly through relevant work experience.
  11. A Trainee Solicitor will also need
  12. 3.1   to be able to work as part of a team in a friendly but efficient atmosphere with partners, solicitors, trainees and support staff
  13. 3.2   to have some knowledge of word processing software (or to be able clearly to demonstrate the willingness and ability to learn).

Our application process will be open on the 1st February 2019 for training contracts starting in 2020.